By using our services - you agree to these terms.

Ryedale Cleaners Customer Agreement - General

Thank you for choosing to use our services. We look forward to be working with you.

We have a few points below which we need to make you aware of.

  1. If you or somebody in your household is ill or contagious we would appreciate it if you could let us know 24 hours before we are due to attend. There will be no cancellation fee in these circumstances.
  2. If things are already damaged in your property and are waiting to be repaired (e.g.a shower door has become misaligned or handles and taps have become loose, or windows won’t open); we will refrain from cleaning these items until they are fixed to prevent further damage.
  3. In instances where we have agreed to use equipment provided by you, we will ensure that the equipment is left as it was when we came into your property. We will clean filters and empty bins where necessary. If there is a fault with any of the equipment, we will
    notify you.
  4. If, in course of our work, we are responsible for any accidental damage (e.g. a broken cup or flower vase) or cause any other breakages, we will speak to you directly and agree a way to move forward with the issue.
  5. If you agree to leave your keys in a ‘safe place’ and you forget, we have to charge the full amount agreed for the job.
  6. If WE need to cancel for any reason we will notify you at the earliest opportunity and try to re-arrange a day to suit you.
  7. If YOU need to cancel for any reason, please provide a minimum of one month’s notice and we will try to re-arrange. Please remember a charge will generally be applied for short-notice or last-minute cancellations.
    1. In the event of a cancellation, there are 3 options,
    2. We will try to schedule a clean on a day close to when you're away;
    3. We will come as normal and instead of a regular clean, we will do some extra jobs;
    4. We will have to charge you a 'keep my slot' fee, a retainer.
  8. We will notify you of any holidays and annual leave we have planned and agree an alternative time and day to fulfil the work. If, for any reason, we are called away at short notice and cannot attend to provide a scheduled check at your property, we will notify you at once and will refund the cost of the missed attendance.
  9. If YOU find yourself needing to discontinue our regular cleaning service for any reason, such as relocation or changes in your circumstances, we regret to see you go. We understand that life circumstances can shift unexpectedly. Please be advised that we kindly request a month's notice in advance of your intended cancellation. In situations where the need for cancellation is urgent or immediate, please note that the notice requirement still applies for any pre-booked cleaning slots..
  10. If you have pets, we may need them to be in a secure place for the duration of the clean. We will speak to each individual client about their pets in advance. Please note, we don't clean after pets.
  11. Sometimes clients leave job lists with additional tasks for us to attend to. We are happy to do this but if the extra work means that we exceed the time allocated, we need to charge for the additional attendance.
  12. Deposits. For one-off jobs we'll ask for a deposit. This is based on our minimum 3hours requirement. Once this is paid, the job is booked and the date/time we agreed is secured. Please note, if you need to cancel for any reason the deposit you paid is non-refundable, so please make sure you are sure about the date.
    In the event when we have to cancel, we will then try to offer you an alternative date. However if we cant agree on one mutually convenient time - we will then refund your money back.
  13. Photographs taken at client's property: As you may be aware, we do take photos of our work to use on our social media platforms. We will always be sensitive about what we photograph and use common sense. We'll never expose anything personal to you, however, if you do not wish us to take photographs of work conducted at your property, please let us know.
  14. Complaints. If you have any concerns or complaints whatsoever about the level of service we have provided you with at your property, please discuss this with us straight away. Please contact us by email or by telephone (via the address and number provided below).

2nd Homes


  1. 2nd Homes are properties used by you, the owner and/or your family and friends. They are not operated as holiday cottages, Airbnb or similar.

For full T&C's please go to Lookafter

Window Cleaning

  1. We start our day at 8am and work throughout the day until /in the winter months - the daylight allows us / in the summer months until 8pm.
  2. For commercial work, this may vary and it might be agreed for out of hours, early start.
  3. Rain Guarantee - on a due day, we come if it's sunny or if it rains or even snows. We continue to provide you with our services no matter the weather - unless it's freezing temperature/ storm/ or conditions that are not safe to work in.
    1. The pure water method that we use, leaves windows wet anyway - the rain does not affect its finish. We can clean your windows on a sunny day, it might rain after an hour. If we clean them in the rain, besides that we remove cobwebs and general dirt of them it won't matter.
  4. If we need you to be at the property to let us in, to give us access to the ie. back garden etc - we will notify you in advance, that usually is a day before. If you knew we were due to come and we can't access your property the full charge agreed will be applied.


  • If you're ever unhappy with how your windows look after we've been, after we've cleaned them you MUST notify us on the same day or the next day if the clean was done in the afternoon. Otherwise we can't accept any complaints as there might be other factors included. Like for instance, the weather - wind can bring debris and make windows dirty again. Birds. Bees drop pollen. Spiders start building their webs just minutes after we've been. Sometimes nearby building site creates lots of dust which sits back on the windows...etc etc...
    We always test our pure water before filling the tanks to make sure there is nothing on our side that could be a potential problem.

  • You could compare it to having your car detailed by a professional detailer, but they can't guarantee it won't rain the following day or that the birds won't fly over...

    Ryedale Cleaners Customer Agreement - Window Cleaning - INTERNAL, INSIDE, INTERIOR

    We offer this service too, we always have. The cost of cleaning windows inside is double the cost of an exterior clean.


    Carpet cleaning machine HIRE

    Hire Periods

    We offer a couple of hire periods to suit you.

    1. 1 DAY - 24 hours hire. This usually starts from 4pm until 4pm following day.
    2. 2 DAYS - 48 hours hire.

    Payment Methods

    At the moment we only accept cash payments. Payment must be made on the day of receiving the machine.


    We believe in honesty - that - for us, is the foundation of everything. This is where we start, and where we finish. We also expect that from you. Kindness and fair play.

    Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.